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We are challenging the status quo in regenerative medicine by leveraging silk as a powerful and biocompatible scaffold material

Silk Biomaterials Co-Founder & CEO, Gabriele Grecchi, presenting our Company at the MedTech Summit 2020 in Los Angeles, USA.

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Product Pipeline

Silk Biomaterials has several assets under development targeting a variety of indications, such as peripheral nerve injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, bone defects, tendon tears and situations where a sustained drug release is needed. A first-in-human study on nerve repair is currently ongoing at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.




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Nerve Repair

Vascular Graft

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Ligaments Repair

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Why silk

Silk is one of the most versatile and ancient materials used in medicine. Silk Fibroin is fully biocompatible, promotes cell proliferation and stimulates in-vivo tissue regeneration. It provides a unique combination of outstanding biological and mechanical properties.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe in the power of silk fibroin to promote an endogenous repair of human soft tissues. We are driven by the desire to innovate and redesign therapeutic approaches to help improve patients’ health and wellness that define their quality of life.

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We are working on exciting projects! Our most ambitious goal is to redefine the way in situ tissue engineering is performed, disrupting with our silk-based technology platform the solutions through which regenerative medicine is delivered to patients.